Stylish Updo

For a stylish up-do, try these simple steps!
[Note: Works best with wet or slightly damp hair.]

This hairstyle has seen many through business class presentations, mid-summer?s outings in sundresses and casual bum days in jeans and sweatshirts. It is a great style with a unique twist!

To replicate this relatively easy hairstyle, gather these materials:

6 to 12 mini-claw clips (Or, failing that, lots of bobby pins!)
Elastic Band / Ponytail holder
Brush and Comb
A hand mirror (So you can check out your style as you create it.)
Styling gel (Spray gel works best.) or Hairspray
(Note: If you do not already have these items, it is not necessary to go out and purchase them. Simply get creative and improvise!)
Step 1: Remove excess water from your hair. Hair should be damp, not drenched.

Step 2: Using brush or comb, pull hair back and up, into a smooth, ?high? ponytail and securely fasten.

Step 3: Pull a small section of hair away from the ponytail and twist whichever way is more natural/comfortable. Fasten the twist to your head with one of the clips.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 - fasten each twist so that they start to hide the elastic band. By the time you are finished, a ring of twists should have concealed the band.

Step 5: Arrange the twists however you like them best? Feel free to experiment with the dynamics of the hairstyle. Try fastening the twists closer to the elastic band, or considerable farther away from it. Add more twists or try the style with fewer, thicker twists. You can create many different styles out of this single, basic technique.

Step 6: The ends of the twists should peek out from the clips. You can easily alter the length of these ends by merely changing the position of each mini-clip. For longer ends peeking out-a wilder style-rearrange the clips with more hair outside of the twist, just sticking out where the clip meets your head.

Step 7: Once you are pleased with the result, lightly spray the twists and the ends.

This style can be flirty and fun, or professional and sedate, depending on how you manipulate the twists and clips. Play around, have fun with the style and the many varied end results you can create in minutes!

Approximate Styling Time: 10-15 minutes.