Eyeliner, Eye Shadow and Mascara

There are several options when it comes to lining your eyes, and it's all about picking what you're most comfortable with. If you prefer working with an eye pencil, look for a creamy formula that won't tug at your skin. I love eye pencils that offer a built-in smudger for a smokier look. If you prefer a softer line, use an eyeliner brush with eyeshadow; make sure to lightly tap the brush to get rid of excess product before application.

Eye shadow
The basic idea when choosing eye shadows is to choose colors that complement each other: light (for highlighting), medium (for the lower half of your lid) and dark (as liner.) If you like cream eye shadows, but find that they crease too easily, prime your eyelid with a light, neutral powder eye shadow, then apply the cream eye shadow. To give your eye makeup staying power, avoid applying eye cream on your eyelid in the morning. Since it's so emollient, eye cream tends to make your makeup run.

Mascara is a great way to give sparse eyelashes added oomph. Before applying mascara, blot the wand on a tissue. This way you'll avoid glopping excess mascara on your lashes. Starting from the base of your lashline, work your way out to the tip, applying mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Remember to always apply mascara with the wand held parallel to your lashes. I like black mascara for everyday wear. If you're especially fair or want a natural, un-made-up look try brown mascara. If you're feeling daring, try colored mascara in navy or plum; it's an easy no-commitment way to play with color.