Beat-the-Clock Beauty

Running late? Follow our fast-track beauty plan, and you'll save 30 minutes

as you zip through your morning routine.


Speedy shower

The long way: You lather up with a body wash or shower gel, you rinse,

and then you massage in a body scrub to slough off dry, flaky skin on arms, legs

and feet. Total time spent: about 5 minutes.

The shortcut: To speed up showering time, cleanse and exfoliate in one

step. Slip hands into textured shower gloves such as this pair from Crabtree and

Evelyn ($5; to order call 800-272-2873). Then apply a creamy body wash -- we

like Dove Nutrium Skin Nourishing Body Wash ($4.29). The gloves exfoliate while

rich moisturizers in the cleanser keep skin soft.


Time saved: 3 minutes


Scent and soften in seconds

The long way: Slather on body lotion, wait a few minutes for it to dry

before you get dressed, then spritz on your fragrance. Total time spent: about 4



The shortcut: Got a minute? A moisturizing body spray goes on faster

than a body lotion, and it dries in just seconds. Try Bath & Body Works Pure

Silk Body Splash in Sweet Pea ($16.50) with silk amino acids and aloe vera. It's

gently scented, eliminating the need to apply a separate fragrance.


Time saved: 3 minutes